cartoon drawing of an archaeopteryx working on a laptop
Adventures of a self-taught coder



This site serves two purposes. The first is to be a platform for me to write a bit about my personal coding projects, which are generally on github. The other is to give me an excuse to try my hand at coding a website.

The name

Archaeopteryx is one name for the famous "bird dinosaur" whose feathered fossils have captured the imagination since the 1800s. It's one of my favorite prehistoric animals. And one could take it as a metaphor of sorts. The real archaeopteryx probably also spent a lot of time hunting bugs.

So why archeaopteryx instead of archaeopteryx? Well, naturally there's a very deep philosophical reason...

Nah, I made a typo when making the user account. But somehow that just made the name feel more fitting, so I've embraced the typo.

The human behind archeaopteryx

I'm an American living and working in Berlin, Germany and a programming enthusiast. My largest projects to date are in Python and Java, though I also like to try my hand with other languages. I love building things and taking things apart to see what makes them tick. When not at a keyboard I enjoy hiking and rowing.

I'm currently interested in junior developer positions located in the Berlin area and can be contacted at herman_ka[at]